Meals in 15 Minutes or Less: Mexican-Inspired

$40.00 2 hours

Saturday, February 11, 2023 3 pm – 5:30 pm Ages 18 and up

This time around Josefa “Josie” Wells shares with you a Mexican inspired meal “Caldo de Pollo” consisting of delicious chicken & steamed veggies such as celery, carrots & squash prepared in a slightly spicy broth then topped with fresh cilantro & green onions. Served with corn tortillas or a special artisan bread, this meal is so simple, yet so satisfying!

Josie was inspired to teach cooking classes when she saw “people idling in their cars at fast food chains for longer that it takes to prepare a delicious meal at home in 15 minutes or less with healthier benefits.”

With her background in natural medicine & nutrition, Josie has much to share with you! Won’t you join her in our teaching kitchen and let her inspire you!

Please Note: The class fee is per person.


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Cancellation Policy

We depend on your enrollment for a successful class! Please plan your schedule carefully. Refunds are not issued when your request is less than 5 business days before the starting date of the class, and credits cannot be applied to a future class. Refund requests must be made in writing, via email, prior to 5 business days before the class start date. A $5 processing fee per activity for each person will be assessed. Sorry no refunds after 5 business days prior to the class start date. This is due to financial commitments we must make before activities begin. Refunds take approximately 7-10 days to process.

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