Street Tacos

$120.00 6 hours

A 2-Part Series – Fri, April 12 5:30 – 9 pm & Sat, April 13, 10 am-1:30 pm Adults 18 and up.
Hello, all! This is Adelina with a new class, “Street Tacos.” It’s time to put that grill into action! Let’s kickoff spring with delicious, authentic street tacos, the very best from the many regions of Mexico where there is diversity of culture and flavor! Are your mouths watering yet?!
Here’s a little history on how tacos were born. In Tlaxcala, the basket taco originated during a time of scarcity. In Mexico City, tacos al pastor were born during the 1960’s, and there are many: those with carnitas, barbecue, steak, suadero (skirt steak), shrimp, birria (from goat or lamb), flautas and even those that are known in Mexico City as quesadillas. An on-going debate exists between capital residents and northerners…are quesadillas actually tacos? It’s really a matter of personal preference.
Mexican tacos have their origins in pre-Hispanic times, although they were not as such. During Moctezuma’s government, corn pancakes were sold, which were heated on a stone until they were soft and somewhat stretched like a flat tortilla, then they were served with fish.
March 31st is National Taco Day, and it’s a BIG celebration! There’s an estimated 122,757 registered taquerias in the country, and one of the most emblematic culinary products in Mexico are tacos.
With this bit of history, let’s gather together and learn to prepare street tacos, their various sauces & salads, along with freshly made tortillas. Join us for this new, 2-part cooking adventure! Sign up today, and don’t miss out! There are limited spaces. See you in class soon!
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